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Anonymous Vision part 3-ANSWERS?

Never actually obtained, and neither do we get, the more we seek in life, never find in fact everything that a human being wants most when he discovers he is lost in something that can be called space and time. It's an eternal struggle to know the truth of all facts and doubts, which are billions and billions of them. Like when he asks questions, the answers but there are never concrete, ie, will actually get an answer? Two friends meet and make up several prose, put forth all the logical reasoning or even not logical. _ Is there any possibility of returning to time? Back somewhere in the past, so we can correct our mistakes? _Did Live the present, remember that committed several errors in what we call the past, think so: you return to the past, if you can handle the error, lost in the recollection that this was the last we'll see hence the impossibility of such feat. If we do not have memories, that is not live, and without the memory errors, how do we fix them? _how we could overcome a concrete wall with our own body, through the wall to the other side? _Our cells would have to divide themselves into ultra-tiny particles and the other side would have to rejoin and perfectly, every cell in its place, something totally impossible for a human being. In fact, nothing is explained scientifically, nothing is concrete, also become spiritually unanswered questions. But man, what should you do? To stand there, helpless, doing nothing, since it has nothing to answer for that then waste time and effort to live something unanswered? Look! arrived at a possible response, the mind responds, because the mind never lets us stop thinking.

Perhaps the best thing to do is not look for response, a layman, ignorant, naive, or even be nothing. This is nothing to compel us to keep away from everything and everyone. Insulates us from all that troubles us inside, scratching our unique thoughts. It's the hardest part of a human being do, if the isolate everything.
Isolated from the world but perhaps the best thing to do when we noticed that we are falling into a barrier that is designed to destroy us when we realize that however hard we try, we find no happiness. Realizes that happiness and sadness go together, because if there is only happiness, then maybe something would be fatigue? And if there was just sadness, it would be fatigue. But here's the thing, to have happiness is better than sadness, because sadness is much more fatigue than happiness. But who leads who? This is not my business, nor his, nor of those who found such sentiments.

But anyway, isolated from the world may be the best, just as one reaches nirvana and turn off everything, yet we know that happiness and sadness did not stop walking together. Why try to understand many things that form a circle where you can not stop questioning. Who can explain when there was the beginning of mankind and the beginning of wisdom (donkey) to be? Maybe it's the fault of those who created the writing to try to explain or even manipulating the intelligence that humans used only for hunting. Behold, there is the allure of knowledge, things they talked and talked, but echoing the wind and after twenty years or whatever how many think it is the voice from beyond. What a nonsensical thing, abhor our very existence we think that not even I would say that everyone is happy with their destination paths inevitably. Incredibly created a resignation out of time and space to not realize the deadly arrival.

I now my words the words of humanity, who think I'm crazy, I have a crazy life but living? But that insane? Is all human beings have in common, the insanity, a gray matter in his skull, just that.

anonymous vision part 2-THINKING

We have intelligence (or at least call him) to think that might be right and what could be wrong, and mostly always wrong. We noticed the trend of the error from the observation of a small child to an elderly person coming to your memory limit. Everything that is related to wrong is easily absorbed by a child, and everything that is related to what is right, it is difficult to learn. It is not difficult to see someone with a child straining coquette, hence we note the ease prevail in the wrong way of doing things. Perhaps this example also sounds like a naive, but I guess not.
The human being becomes mediocre by their actions not thoughtful, reckless, stupid and absurd. The old habit of wanting to dominate man to man, and everything revolves around the greed for power, by hypocritical reason. I'm tired of seeing, witnessing all the things which I've had nothing more than cliches inharmonic. There is no way to express myself in ways that help the world, we have no freedom to do this. We can not release what is already long lost.
We do not know what makes a perfect idea of not being immortal, to know who is the divine force that is perfect although it does not transpire. But neither I nor you, neither she nor he, nor that you can clarify this issue. Some people refer to meditation astral, the definition of own selves, but we know, time is lost unnecessarily because nothing we do is for something constructive or partially appealing.
Do not know if everyone realizes that every time a news portrays the violence, it increases more and more bad news each equals one trophy for urban violence.
The script of our lives leads us only to an inevitable course, always seek to fill our empty doing what must be done, live with that certainty, or sharing the uncertainties of today.
I really can not understand human beings, even being one, the only logical reasoning are the disagreements, contradictions, intrigue and, worst of all reasoning, evil. If we know how to deal with all problems, how then do that when it comes to dealing with rational human being? These are questions and more questions with no concrete answer.
Some exits are few "wise men" are for our resignation, is to find the balance of things, just so to achieve peace. There is no way to believe in these "wise men" when we know think. When we know that nothing can be change, but anything can stand in one place, in the same direction.
What we know is there was never a concrete answer of the things that is obvious, everyone should agree with that suggestion. It is not hard we encounter the question: why then that looking good, things are so perfect? Can it be some concrete answer for this? That's where the conflict of ideas, religions, whatever makes the human being the flower of mental torture.
For those who think, as yet know that there is no concrete answer, and for those who do not think, come to put all the freight they think they can conform to be alive. Also those who do not think it is the solution of suicide, isolation, failure. And always the question will remain unanswered, no one knows when and who can find or who can prove or even stagnate this feat of being.
There were trillions and trillions of intellectual publications on topics related to religions, esotericism, sects, everything to explain the reason for being on earth, all intellects suggest a heaven a hell and purgatory. There are also those who suggest atheism, but nothing yet this perhaps explains total chance of living human beings.
We face an old dilemma of "to be or not be," exist? Yes but that all? We are here for total accident? What good is even asking such questions? I will not be the answer.
All yes, they want to somehow fill the void of answers doing his performances in the field of human to human. As we sat before a judge, we are face to face with a man of flesh and blood, just like anyone else, he has his family, as well as anyone has, the more it is who makes the rules, he says, before the laws, then created by man. The judge who stands before a defendant or complainant has spent years and years before the books, studying the best way to be superior to another human being.
Who really want without having known, "the time of the caves", a time when at least knew to be vacant for at least live without the answers about life. A time when neither man nor woman had understanding of what might be right or wrong, though dictated by the natural law of things about the survival of the strongest.
Over time humans began to use his intelligence to discover yourself, but in front of trillions and trillions of books, can never find the true answer. Transforming himself to be an absolute mental chaos.
It is logical to understand that we absorb over time the importance of the tranquility of being in itself so that at least sitting for so expect some response.

Anonymous Vision part 1-THINKING

The hardest thing perhaps almost impossible to do is talk to humans, because these human beings we ourselves are part, therefore, there is a mission that is most often very complex. But we should not panic, it takes just a way for us all ... to death.
Incredible is knowing how humans despite knowing that, if allowed to do anything that portrays the evil and the good few times (in this case, almost never) and so try to make the mental balance of being. If only understand this, all this banality, all the cowardice of chance or any chance of cowardice. In many of the trips, turns and walks, all is remarkable. Sees children playing and adults at loggerheads not know what to do with so much energy spent, we see the absurdity of those who are close to trying to change what does not concern you.
On all days we can see everything that is wrong and every time we can not fix these random errors. But anyway, it's up to us to decide that our free will, not even knowing how to use properly, because the only thing we do is wrong. I have heard many absurdities, has said many absurdities, nothing creative things and totally insane. Who knew that the time goes so fast right now.
The truth is that everybody wants to master everything, every person thinks he can enslave or be enslaved, or have very little, and as a philosopher said, "to be or not to be ... that is the question." The truth is we live in the absurdity of the wisdom of abstinence. We live in the chaos of daily uncertainty of not knowing the answers to all our questions about the universe around us. The violence has door like a medal of ruthless killers.
What torments our minds is simply the fact of knowing that nothing in this entire universe that does not know in its entirety is immortal. Nothing is immortal, not to be that there is life, such as rocks. We were born to torment us with the anguish of not knowing what we are, where we came from and where we go after death.
Human beings see the advantage of conforming to its destination through religious and humanitarian beliefs. Things to suffocate inside because still you can not find a concrete answer to this total random. Yes, it is complicated to think of everything when you do not know anything, is a void through our vast horizon like day and night. Mankind created the writing and with it came the books and the books that secrets are never revealed.
The human being is synonymous with agonizing spasms of doubt and not knowing the true face of who we are, what we're made and why we are here. Some call it atheism, may be yes, no one really knows the truth. Still, there are many who live to do evil and then hides behind what they believe to be the salvation. As the word: sin, sin and then ask for forgiveness from a Divine power and believe that they have achieved that goal of salvation, but forgets that what made ta done and the consequences will be the right sentence for his mistakes.
We know enough those who hide behind the cloak, those whose daily habits and disturb the peace of others. Creating great discomfort "his neighbor," and why do they still think you can cheat?
We know and live with the absurd idea of being judged before laws created by man, thus imprisoning our own right to what we know to have, that is life.

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In hard times, how to resolve situations that leave the sad soul?

I think it was a fool I have chosen this life, I suffer like a plague seeking the long way of satisfaction. Even if I fight like a vulture who shares food with the pigs, don’t get recognized by anyone. What kind of holy condemns me? What kind of curse cast against me? I know I don’t have guilt come into the world, not me who came on their own, but I believe it is my fault the choices I made. It's what everyone does, choosing the wrong paths and then put the blame on someone or some entity. But anyone can find a way to reflect and try to at least pretend that all is well. Even the next day, the whole shit again disturb the mind, and make the quiet almost impossible to have.

I can’t put the blame on anyone but myself. I can not blame anything that has been denigrated because of me. I have to learn to put things right, do it right, so I can complexion inner peace. The way it really is harder than I imagine, but I don’t think I can continue making mistakes. One day I can tell someone, don’t know who, who won a bloody struggle in my life, but I'm too old to celebrate my victory.